Thank you for visiting the Integrating Marketing + Technology Summit site!

The IM+T Summit is moving into 2016. Please stay tuned for
2016 event news and updates.

Thank you for visiting the Integrating Marketing + Technology Summit site!

IM+T Summit is the one marketing technology conference that focuses on real world how-to sessions, case studies, experience-proven techniques and new tools for building profitable marketing campaigns. The Summit¹s 30+ practical, hands-on sessions will show how marketing and IT can partner to harness tech-enabled marketing, from planning to integration, and from campaign development to execution. You will learn how to launch marketing initiatives more quickly, collaborate more effectively, save valuable time and money and avoid frustration.


Don’t struggle on your own. Getting ROI from your marketing technology investment should not be an isolated experience. Marketing and Technology peers need to have the same objectives and have a common understanding of the rules surrounding implementation, targeting and conversion. At IM+T you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet, mix with and hear from marketing and IT teams that are driving positive ROI, going to market faster and implementing smarter
  • Demo, ask questions and get answers from leading marketing technology vendors
  • Get answers that are relevant to your company and situation

Learning Intensive

You’ll spend 2 days in the learning lab and leave with insights, trends
and best practices from 300+ other marketers and partners. Your time is money — and the sole goal of IM+T is to make sure you learn how to get more from your marketing technology investment.

  • 30+ sessions with practical advice and ideas you can use right away
  • Dozens of partners and solution providers who are invested in helping you succeed
  • Learn how other companies like yours are overcoming time, resource and budget challenges.


The IM+T Summit provides plenty of opportunities to get the information you need, particularly if you cannot get the help within your organization. Need help on sorting through what seems like endless technology options, pulling data from multiple systems that don¹t communicate, applying tactics now that leverage the technology and quickly improve results? Get ready for an experience that:

  • teaches skills and not concepts
  • is fast and to the point
  • includes specific examples with results


If you¹re tired of traditional conferences, being anonymous in a sea of people in a dark room, then IM+T is for you. IM&T offers-

  • High-energy, quick study learning sprints
  • Easy access to experts and partners
  • Hands-on technology demos
  • Connecting and sharing information with hands-on on marketers and technologists like yourself